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Kelambu Malaria merek Duranet 190

Harga Rp. 225.000
Deskripsi Produk Kelambu Malaria Duranet 190
Spesifikasi:Bentuk Persegi Empat, Tanpa Rangka, Pakai Pintu.
Warna:Biru, Pink, Putih, Turqis.
Ukuran:190 x 190 x 150 Cm.
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Kelambu Malaria Model Duranet 180

Harga Rp. 175.000
Deskripsi Produk Kelambu Malaria merek Duranet 180
Spesifikasi:Bentuk Persegi Empat, Tanpa Rangka, Tanpa Pintu.
Warna:Biru, Pink, Putih, Turqis.
Ukuran:180 x 160 x 150 Cm.
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Mesin Fogging Seshin QS – 40AF

Harga Rp. 8.950.000
Deskripsi Produk Spesifikasi Alat Pertanian Fog Generator Seshine QS - 40AF :
Using MethodPortable
Fogging TypeThermal Fogger
EngineTypePuls Jet
Performance (kw/h)21
Fuel TankTypePure Gasoline
Consumption (ltr/h)1.5
MaterialCorrosion Resistant Aluminium
Capacity (ltr)2
Pressure (bar)0.1
Chemical TankOutput Quantity (ltr/h)50
Material Capacity (ltr)Stainless Stell : 6.5
Pressure (bar)0.30
Dimension (mm)1340 x 340 x 300
Net Weight (kg)9
Starting WayAuto & Manual
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Mesi Fogging DH-99 Mini Fogger

Harga Rp. 1.150.000
Deskripsi Produk DH-99 is designed as a noiseless machine, lightweight, and easy to use anywhere. It is recommended to use for windless outdoor when the field temperature is a little higher than the air.
Recommended areas: Farming areas, Poultry farm, Stall, Pool, Picnics, Deck and patios, play areas, event places, etc.
Spiral shape coilStructure of DH-99 fogger

SpecificationDH-99 Mini fogger
TypeThermal aerosol
FuelLiquid propane gas
StartingIgnition button
Fuel consumption+ - 500 ml/h
Solution output1.5 L/h
Solution tank2.8 L (polyethylene)
Net weight1.35 Kg
Dimension440 x 160 x 340 mm
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Mesin Fogging RAYFOG KA-150

Harga Rp. 8.350.000
Deskripsi Produk 'Heavy Blast' Fog and Blaze KA-150, comes in high quality standard with high grade material only (stainless steel), it is very reliable at any angle without engine flameout. It is light-weight designed for convenience at hand when operated, guaranteed easy start and maintenance as well as full supporting parts.
*This Fogger dispenses oil or water based insecticides, fungicides, germicides, disinfectants, odor control, and other chemical products.

Warehouses, factories, food processing plants, greenhouses, parks, camp grounds, cattle barns, poultry house, grain mills, shopping center, schools, restaurants, apartment complex, hotels, and much more.
Engine power19 Kw
Starting methodHand push + button / knob
Fogging output38 - 42 L/hr
Misting output40 L/hr
Solution tank6 L (stainless steel)
Power supply4 x 1.5 V Battery
Fuel tank1.2 - 1.5 L
Fuel consumption1.2 L/hr
Solution tank pressure0.25 bar
Oil tank pressure0.06 bar
Net weight8 kg
Gross weight9.7 Kg
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Mesin Fogging Tasco IZ-FOG IZ150AM

Harga Rp. 6.260.000
Deskripsi Produk Mesin Fogging IZ-FOG IZ150AM
Chemical Tank6.5L
Fuel Tank1.5L
Fuel Consumption1.2 L/Hour
Chemical Discharge20 L/Hour
Particle Size5~30µ
Net Weight9 Kg
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Mesin Fogging Tasco KB-100 Mini Fogger

Harga Rp. 1.415.000
Deskripsi Produk Mesin Fogging TASCO KB-100 MINI FOGGER
Chemical Tank400cc
Fuel Tank2.8 L
FuelButane Gas
Net Weight1.75Kg
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Spare Part Mesin Fogging

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